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The Cores


The result of our solid-core technology is of course a line of racquets that protect you from tennis elbow and other arm injuries that are rampant in today's game. But how do the cores work to provide that ultra-dampening and why are there as many as five cores in our latest Pentacore series? Donnay CEO Mike Geer takes you on a brief, plain-English and in-depth chalkboard tour in his second Video Vlog:

hollow v solid

Pentacore - Ultimate Performance & Comfort
Pentacore filled XēneCore™ racquets provide "feels soft/hits hard" because of the addition of a fifth core over the previous quad- and tri-core frames.

Quad-Core Performance
Quad-Core filled XēneCore™ racquets provide both a 6 percent faster ball speed (as tested) and the highest stability in a racquet.  Quadcore rackets are designed for ultimate performance rather than comfort.

Tri-Core Comfort
Tri-Core filled XēneCores™ racquets provide a better performing racquet while keeping the comfort level at its highest.

Dual-Core Comfort
Dual-Core filled XēneCore™ racquets have a second layer of XēneCore™ tubing on the inside of the hoop that further fortifies the frame and eliminates the loss of energy on ball contact.

Lite-Core Technology
Lite-Core filled XēneCore™ racquets allow racquets to be super lightweight and provide power for the recreational player with the control for the profressional player.

All racquets have XēneCore’s patent-pending and high-tensile-strength material introduced in the original X-Series.

Xenecore-Donnay’s sole mission is to develop and produce the best tennis racket on the market. With the development of Pentacore technology, we have achieved this. Pentacore combines ultimate performance with the ultimate comfort.

Pentacore’s Ultimate Performance -With an extra core on each side of the shaft, pentacore provides unprecedented stability, precision, accuracy and control. Even with flex rating in the 50's, it provides significant power without any torquing at high velocities. The coefficient of restitution is extremely high which provides unprecedented power despite the low flex rating. The additional core in the head provides an enormous sweetspot causing a professional ball cracking sound with every ball.

Pentacore’s Ultimate Comfort – The additional head core prevents the high impact shock from traveling down the shaft to your arm while providing more power. The average 200lbs of force which is transmitted to your arm from hollow empty rackets is reduced 66% before traveling to your arm. The racket feels plush even at high stiffness ratings. There is no substitute for a separate head when reducing high impact shock. This means you can play tennis more often using a poly providing more performance without fear.

The new Donnay-XeneCore Formula Pentacore is a virtual extension of the arm with its astonishing paradoxical combination of big-league power and sublime comfort.

The Formula Pentacore  translates into pure power, but unlike conventional stiff frames such as the best-selling Babolats Pure Drive and AeroPro, it is easy on the arm.

Play test results show it has the inherit big-league power and specifications of the best-selling Babolats but with a smooth, buttery feel, a larger sweet spot and 
best-in-industry stability.

The Pentacore Pro One 97 with its flex-rating of 59 provides pinpoint control and feel for 4.0 -and-up players. For the Head Prestige or Wilson Blade players with high-velocity full swings, it means no torquing and the ability to direct the ball where you want it to go.

The Pentacore Pro One 102 is a lighter very maneuverable choice that also comes in the more forgiving head size at 102-square-inches. It’s for younger or older players from 2.5-and up who need a power boost to go with their medium-size swings.


Here is a progression of our development and the differences between the technologies.

XSeries- We started with a single solid core with the X-Series compared to single hollow core of conventional rackets. While the light weight foam did dampen significantly the vibration, it is not absorb as much on the high impact shock .

DualCore/Tricore- In order to contain the shock levels in the head while providing more power, we introduced Dualcore and Tricore with a separate core in the head of the racket. The separated head contained the shock and created unprecedented comfort with 3x less shock compared to conventional hollow empty rackets. This means that you receive an average of 66lbs of force on your arm instead of 200 lbs of force with a hollow empty racket. Only a separated head core can contain high impact shock at these levels.

Quadcore GT was developed solely for performance. With an extra core on each side of the shaft, the racket provides unprecedented stability, precision, and accuracy and control. Even with flex rating in the 50s, it provides significant power without any torquing at high velocities. The coefficient of restitution is extremely high which gives the power despite the low flex rating. However, the GT line is an advanced players’ racket which was designed only for performance.

Pentacore combines the unprecedented performance of quadcore with the unprecedented comfort of tricore. This is the best racket on the market in comfort and performance -guaranteed.